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The Change Initiative is a leading facilitation company which designs and facilitates highly interactive change events, conferences and workshops. So if you want to bring in diverse perspectives, increase your learning outcomes, reach commitments by the participants and have better collaboration we are the right partner. We do facilitation, trainings and consulting.

We are specialized in designing and facilitating large group and multi-stakeholder meetings with up to 1000 participants using state-of-the art facilitation methods including large group methods as Open Space Technology, World Café, Future Search, Appreciative Inquiry, Scenario Building, Dynamic Facilitation and many more.

To read an introduction into Facilitation, please click here.

The Change Initiative also provides in-house, tailor-made training courses on facilitation and other related topics in relation to Facilitative Leadership. The Change Initiative in collaboration with its partner networks has also developed a number of specific trainings, for example, on Project Cycle Management, Integrated Approach to Drug-related Harm etc using highly interactive methods and facilitation skills.

Furthermore we offer public trainings in Bangkok with leading trainers in their respective fields.